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Prometheus Tejus Black Pocket Case

Prometheus Tejus Black Pocket Case

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Every cigar lover must own a high-quality cigar case. Additionally, It is extremely important to protect cigars from any kind of physical damage, like bending and breakage of cigars.

While your cigar is outside the humidor, tobacco humidity condenses on the cellophane, making the wrapper leaf excessively moist and the tobacco inside the cigar excessively dry. So, you need a cigar case to preserve your cigars' surrounding temperature and humidity.

When you have already invested in high-quality cigars, putting them directly in your pocket is not classy. So, Smoke in style and make an impression by investing in an elegant cigar case. Moreover, Prometheus has a wide range of stylish cigar cases to suit your needs. One of them is Prometheus Tejus Black 2 Finger 60 Ring Gauge Pocket Case.

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