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Padron 1926 Serie 80 Years Natural

Padron 1926 Serie 80 Years Natural

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Size: Figurado (6 3/4 x 54)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan 

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Tasting Notes: Earth, Spice, and Sweetness

Description: The Padron 80th Anniversary, packaged in a box of 8, is a commemorative edition, line extension of the 1926 Anniversary family of super premium smokes. Released in 2006 to celebrate the genius behind the brand, Jose Orlando's 80th birthday, this cigar has become a unique treasure among aficionados. 80th Anniversary features a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan wrapper and an award-winning ensemble of hearty Nicaraguan binder and filler leaf. This eye-catching Perfecto is well aged, and brimming with bold earthy flavors that are further enhanced with heavy top- notes of sweet and tangy spices. The impeccable artistry and magnificent taste of this eminent smoke, makes it one that you will want to proudly display and fully enjoy!

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