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Dupont Line 2 Graff'ty Lighter

Dupont Line 2 Graff'ty Lighter

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Description: A genuine tribute to S.T. Dupont's creativity and the links the House has maintained with artists since it was founded, the Graff'ty collection is inspired by street art - turning lighters, pens, and accessories into veritable works of art. 

A transgressive art, graffiti uses buildings, street furniture, and everyday objects as the canvas for its creations. This bold approach to sublimating the mundane and breaking away from institutional frameworks is echoed by the daring S.T. Dupont Graff'ty collection.

The museum is out, and tagging, halfway between street art and contemporary design, can be found on pens and lighters. Vivid colors and mosaics of red, yellow and blue shine through on the Line 2, Biggy, Eternity pens and cigar accessories (ashtray, cigar cutter, cigar case). On the caps of lighters and pens, the legendary S.T. Dupont guilloche is applied obliquely, accenting the precise details of our multicolored lacquer graffiti.

 The collection serves as an invitation to ignite the flame of creativity in everyone.

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