Newsletter 01-30-2024: Padron F.R. Cigars

Newsletter 01-30-2024: Padron F.R. Cigars

Just a quick reminder for everyone.  If you had an account with us on our old website you WILL NOT be able to log in to that account on our new website.  We had a problem transferring passwords and order histories.  We do have addresses and contact info for everyone on the new website.  We just need to send you an "Account Activation" email to get you back up and running.  Send us an email if you need that account activation email.  You can reach us at



We have got some outstanding Padron cigars here in the store right now.  One of the very best is the Padron Family Reserve.  All sizes of the Padron Family Reserve Maduro are back in stock again.  And we have just about every size of the highly rated Padron Family Reserve Natural in stock as well.  All Padron Family Reserve cigars are made with Nicaraguan tobaccos aged for a full 10 years.  That extended aging allows the tobaccos to develop an amazing amount of complexity.  They deliver a rich, full flavored smoke.  One of their finest regular production cigars.

Another cigar from Padron that utilizes 10 year aged tobaccos is their limited production Padron 50th Anniversary.  We do have both the Natural and Maduro versions in stock right now.  As always we are offering 5-Packs at a special price and with FREE SHIPPING.  Single cigars for both are also available.  The Maduro version is definitely the most popular, but there's just something about the Natural that makes it my personal favorite.  There's a certain silky smoothness to the smoke that really makes that 50th Natural such a delight to smoke.


Above is the elusive Arturo Fuente Anejo No. 77 Shark.  You can get your hands on this cigars and 6 other Fuente gems in Pack No. 1 of our 2024 Arturo Fuente Lucky 7's cigar samplers.  A few different samplers are still available.  All of them give you the opportunity to put a few extremely rare Fuente cigars in your humidor, like the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines pictured below.  This extremely rare cigar is found in our Pack No. 4.  A couple of these special sampler packs are already sold out, so make sure you get your hands on a pack or two while they're still available.


I walked out the door this morning and realized I needed an extra layer to keep me warm on my commute to work.  A good thing I had one of our new limited edition JSI 1921 Collection hoodies!  Everyone was checking me out as I walked from the train station to work.  Later on I realized my fly was down, but I'm still pretty sure everyone was looking at my JSI 1921 gear.  Some really cool pieces of apparel available. Head over to our website and check out the 1921 Collection! 

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