Newsletter 01-18-2024: Rare Arturo Fuente Cigar Samplers

Newsletter 01-18-2024: Rare Arturo Fuente Cigar Samplers

I am very excited for this newsletter today.  We just put together some special Arturo Fuente samplers for everyone, and we now have our complete line of limited edition JSI 1921 Collection apparel on our website. 

We'll get to all that below.  Right now I just want to remind everyone to make sure you follow us on the socials.  We have links for our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts at the bottom of this newsletter.  We post daily so you'll get the most up to date news on new arrivals, special sampers or deals we're running.  


We have six different Fuente samplers up on our website right now, and these are probably some of the most impressive Fuente assortments we've ever put together.  Our new Arturo Fuente Lucky 7's samplers give you to opportunity to get your hands on some Fuente Anejo, Don Carlos Eye of the Bull, Rare Pink, ForbiddenX and OpusX 20th Anniversary cigars.  Each 7-Pack is different, so scroll down on the page to see the complete lineup for each pack.  Supplies are limited.

If you're going to be smoking some special Arturo Fuente cigars you might want to have a special Fuente accessory.  One of the most impressive Fuente accessories I've ever seen is the OpusX Story Ashtray.  The leaded crystal ashtray comes with a crystal OpusX logo that goes on top when not in use.  The size and color really makes these impressive pieces stand out.  

If you need a flame to spark up those rare Fuente cigars we've got you covered with the OpusX Society Lighters.  Three colors to choose from, all these Elie Bleu J-30 lighters are adorned with the Fuente's OpusX logo.  


Here it is, our limited edition line of apparel.  We have winter beanies, trucker hats, long sleeve t-shirts, lightweight hoodies, and comfy heavyweight hoodies.  These are all part of our JSI 1921 Collection.  We've been providing customers with FINE CIGARS SINCE 1921, and now fine apparel since 2024.  Make sure you gear up with some Jack Schwartz Importer merch while you're smoking those fine cigars!

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