Newsletter 01-12-2024: Arturo Fuente Opus6 Cigars

Newsletter 01-12-2024: Arturo Fuente Opus6 Cigars

One thing to cover before we get to the news.  Customer accounts.  There was difficulty bringing over passwords and order history from your old accounts.  We just sent out Account Activation emails to every customer, so you can check your emails for that account invite.  Once activated you should see your contact info and shipping address.  If you don't see your Account Activation email contact us now and we'll send the activation email right away.  You can reach us at  I totally apologize for the inconvenience.  We're working on getting your order history moved over to your new accounts.  In the meantime, we have your order history here so if you need to know what you ordered last week, last month, last year....just contact us and we'll get you the information.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to contact us regarding the customer account trouble and with all the great feedback for the new website.  A lot of folks mentioned it was much easier to navigate, and that it looked really great on their mobile phones.  Again, we ask that if you run into any trouble with the website please contact us, the email address is above.  Happy Friday, my friends.  Have a great weekend!


Make sure you're treating yourself right this year.  Start by making sure you have some impressive Arturo Fuente cigars in your humidor.  You'll find six of the very best in the Opus6 sampler.  This set gets you six rare Fuente cigars presented in a gorgeous wooden travel humidor.  

All the best regular production Fuente cigars are here in the store right now as well.  If you want a true classic go with something from their Arturo Fuente Hemingway line.  The Fuentes have access to some of the finest Cameroon wrapper leaf out there, and their Hemingway line features this outstanding leaf.  Their Arturo Fuente Don Carlos also features a Cameroon wrapper leaf, only the Dominican filler/binder blend is amped up a bit to deliver a richer flavor profile.


I'm very excited to announce the arrival of a new shipment of Davidoff Colorado Claro.  These limited production cigars have one of the most beautiful wrappers I've seen on a cigar.  This dark Colorado shade wrapper is bursting with oils and delivers a ton of flavor to these complex cigars.  They start with a great base of cedar and leather.  The flavorful Dominican blend adds a touch of spice with nice hints of cream.  All sizes are now in stock!

Also, their best regular production line of cigars, in my opinion, are all here in the store.  Singles and boxes of their Davidoff Winston Churchill Late Hour are available.  These medium-to-full bodied cigars start with an excellent blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan cigars, including some Nicaraguan tobacco that's been aged in single malt Scotch casks.  A really great combination of a spicy Mexican San Andres binder and a decadent Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper on these impressive cigars.  


Finally, I just want to let everyone know about a couple special La Flor Dominicana cigars we have in the store.  First is their rare limited production La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro.  Jump on some of these right now, we're down to just two sizes.  Bold flavors of leather, pepper and espresso on these cigars.  

The other cigar is their La Flor Dominicana 1994.  These are special in that it's a blend unlike any other from LFD.  Like just about every other La Flor the 1994 has a blend of select Dominican tobaccos.  What sets them apart is the pristine Mexican San Andres wrapper.  The wrapper adds an extra layer of complexity these medium bodied cigars.  LFD is known for making full bodied cigars that still deliver a ton of flavor.  These 1994's show that Litto can also make an impressive medium bodied smoke with all the flavor you expect from their fuller bodied blends.


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