Davidoff Colorado Claro Cigars

Davidoff Colorado Claro Cigars

All five sizes of the Limited Production Davidoff Colorado Claro are here in the store.  Davidoff chose their five most iconic sizes to create this special line of cigars.  From the 7 1/2 x 50 Double R to the 4 7/8 x 52 Short Perfecto, they have a full range of shapes and sizes.  These outstanding cigars start with a Dominican filler/binder blend that delivers one of the creamiest profiles on a Davidoff.  Add some notes of rich leather with touches of cedar, fig and espresso and you have a full flavored, medium bodied smoke.  If you don't like a lot of spice or pepper in your cigar the Davidoff Colorado Claro is the way to go with its silky smooth, creamy smoke.  I think this is one of their finest White Label blends.

Some other Davidoff news I want to share.  Both sizes of their Davidoff Royal Release are back in stock.  My guess is there are quite a few Davidoff aficionados that would say these are the pinnacle of their White Label blends. This is truly a special occasion cigar.  If you need to celebrate in style you're going to want to have a few Davidoff Royal Release with you.  Not only are these cigars made with 10 year aged tobaccos, the cigars themselves are then aged for nearly 8 years before release.  The complexity is outstanding on these medium-to-full bodied smokes.


Summertime is the right time to be smoking Arturo Fuente Hemingwaycigars.  These Dominican cigars are finished with a high grade Cameroon wrapper leaf.  That Cameroon wrapper is full of flavor, but thin and delicate.  Lighting one up in the colder winter months can easily get you a wrapper leaf that will split and fall apart.  In the summer, though, these are glorious smokes.  A light nutmeg spice with notes of earth, coffee bean and almond in these medium bodied sticks.  Every cigar in the Hemingway line is presented in a beautiful Perfecto vitola.  


Hard to believe it's June already.  We'll be at the July 4th holiday before you know it.  If you're lighting fireworks make sure you've got a Bic lighter.  If you're lighting fine cigars make sure you have a Dupont Declaration of Independence lighter!  Only 176 of these Limited Edition lighters were made.  This is a Line 2 lighter fitted with dual soft flames and has that iconic Dupont "PING". 

Also, we have all four colors of the Dupont Guilloche in stock.  These Line 2 lighters use a guilloche engraving technique with a colorful lacquer overlay.  These beautiful lighters have a great combination of a traditional Dupont look but with a pop of color.  


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